I’ve crawled and walked these byways for nearly sixty years and even with all that under me belt
the memories I can give you are a mere trifle compared to all the other books about Blyth.
Things I remember like sitting on the steps of The Mermaid Café eating an ice cream cornet
off the man on Seghinis trike who picked his nose and watching the Cowpen leaving harbour
like a giant mechanical dinosaur to dump its load of dredgings out at sea and the little old
Lady who owned the shuggy boats sitting like Aunty Wainwright in her shawl even in the hottest
weather in summer and the long gone chalets against the promenade recently replaced by a pile
of hairy sheds! also with my dad sitting on the big burner stinking of sulphur with the guns
and the rain dripping off our noses as we sat and took target practice at tin cans
Its these things that make me say “ eee it had gone reet oot me heed a divnt
na hoo a could forget!” Click on Cowpen to continue, I'll see you inside

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